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Our international competence

BERLIN-CHEMIE is internationally successful BERLIN-CHEMIE is responsible within the global MENARINI GROUP External Link for activities in more than 30 countries of central and eastern Europe and central Asia. The company maintains subsidiaries or representative offices in most of those countries.

BERLIN-CHEMIE is a reliable partner in health policy With our products and know-how, our intention is to play a part in solving complex health-policy problems in the stated regions. For this, BERLIN-CHEMIE has developed partnerships at all levels in many countries.

Sales development is extremely positive The local staff are the guarantors for this. Highly motivated and excellently trained, they can rely both on innovative new products from MENARINI Research and traditional, established drugs for registration and marketing.

Proven cooperation between staff abroad and BERLIN-CHEMIE Headquarters A permanent exchange of information guarantees the safeguarding of top-quality documentation, product planning and manufacturing in Berlin, as well as flexible logistics in the most varied time and climatic zones.